Voucher 3i: incentives for innovative startups

Voucher 3i: incentives for innovative startups

by PGA

The Italian Ministry of Economic Development has promoted the “Voucher 3i” program, an incentive for innovative startups that finances patent consulting services with a budget of 19.5 million euros for the three-year period 2019-2021.

The incentive is provided for companies with share capital, including cooperatives, whose equity is not listed on a regulated market or an MTF and it is aimed at the acquisition of consulting services for patenting, through the granting of vouchers for:
– patentability check and researches before the filing of the patent application (up to 2,000 Euro + VAT);
– drafting of the patent application and filing with the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (up to 4,000 Euro + VAT);
– filing abroad of a patent application claiming the priority of a previous italian patent application (up to 6,000 euros + VAT).

It is possible to request in one year up to three vouchers for each type of service and for different inventions, for a maximum total of nine vouchers. Applications may be filed from 15 June 2020, on the specific page of Invitalia website.
The services can only be provided by Industrial Property Consultants registered on the list managed by the Order of Industrial Property Consultants.

Our firm, in the person of Dr. Roberto Allaix, is registered on this list and is available to provide further information.