by PGA

We firmly believe that a strong patent needs an accurate drafting and appropriate efforts during prosecution: very often the outcome of litigation and opposition proceedings is linked to the quality of the drafting and prosecution of the disputed patent.

Europe does not have a centralized patent litigation system: procedures, costs and length of the proceedings are different in each European country. In Italy, patent litigation requires a specific knowledge and experience both under a technical and under a legal point of view.

The Madrid agreement and the Madrid protocol, the Community trademark system as well as national filing systems offer a wide variety of tools allowing owners to protect their trademark rights.

Enforcement of trademark and design rights is crucial in modern economic landscape. Italy, in particular, represents one of the major European markets where a large number of products and services are produced and traded.

PGA S.p.A. provides a service of search and analysis of the retrieved documents in support of State-Of-the-Art, Patentability, Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) and Validity assessments.

PGA S.p.A. provides a prototyping service through professional 3D printers. The new proposal joins the wide range of activities provided by the Firm, helping to extend the offer to our clients.