Calls open for Brevetti+, Disegni+ and Marchi+

Calls open for Brevetti+, Disegni+ and Marchi+

by PGA

The Ministry of Economic Development has launched the Brevetti+, Disegni+ and Marchi+ calls aimed at financing the purchase of specialized services for the economic valorization of intellectual and industrial property titles.

The value of the resources provided amounts to a total of 46 million euros, split for the 3 calls, which SMEs can access from the following deadlines:

  1. from September 27 for the Brevetti+ call;
  2. from October 11 for Disegni+;
  3. from October 25 for Marchi+.

Complete versions of the calls, as well as the relevant documentation needed to submit applications, are available at this link.

If you are interested and would like further information, we can connect you directly with one of our partners experienced in managing such operations.

From our side, we remain of course available for any assistance you may need in relation to your intellectual and industrial property rights, even if not related to the calls listed above.

Below is a flyer containing key information.