Livio Campos Lisanti

Livio Campos Lisanti

by PGA

Patent Attorney

Livio is an experienced European Patent Attorney with a technical background in mechanical engineering.

In September 1997, Livio began his professional experience in the field of Industrial Property: Livio has worked for established Italian consulting firms, gaining significant experience in patent matters in various industrial sectors and, in particular, in the mechanical and electromechanical fields.

In November 2021, Livio joined PGA S.p.A. – Lugano branch, focusing his consulting activity mainly on patent matters.

During his career, Livio had the opportunity to acquire a wide technical knowledge in different industrial sectors such as liquid products packaging, cigarettes packaging, paper rolls production, photovoltaic panels production, sport/accident prevention products such as sport and work helmets, professional coffee dispensing machines, automation systems applied to the steel industry and others.

Livio’s consulting activity mainly focuses on drafting, filing and prosecuting patent and design applications, patent searches and analyses, as well as advice on general patent matters. Livio also has experience in litigation and opposition proceedings before the European Patent Office.

Brazilian of origin, Livio is a native Portuguese speaker and, in addition to a perfect knowledge of Italian, works daily in English.

Livio Campos Lisanti

Livio Campos Lisanti
Associate, Patent Attorney

Phone: +41 (0)91 9351100 / 9109790