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Revaluation of IP in the financial statements: tax benefits for companies

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Article 110 of the so-called “August Decree” (Italian Legislative Decree no. 104 of August 14, 2020, converted into Law no. 126 of October 13, 2020) allowed Italian companies to re-evaluate company assets on their balance sheets.

First, the initiative allows companies to revalue their assets for accounting purposes, allowing them to increase their capitalization. But that’s not all. The real benefits are appreciated at tax level: the positive revaluation of company assets allows to increase the value of depreciation and, consequently, to reduce the tax burden. In this case, the payment of a facilitated substitute tax is required. Read more

PGA becomes Audirevi’s partner

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We are pleased to announce that PGA Intellectual Property has entered into a strategic partnership with Audirevi S.p.A., a multi-functional company that provides services for clients in the areas of auditing, transaction services, compliance, professional training, consulting and electronic auctions.

Audirevi is also a member of Nexia International, one of the world’s largest networks, which brings together more than 258 independent audit companies, tax assistance and management consulting firms in over 125 countries around the world, with over 35,000 professionals serving the companies of the group.

Through the collaboration with Audirevi, PGA intends to expand its network, combining its skills with those of players of recognized quality. All this in order to provide an even more complete assistance, aimed at supporting and enhancing the business of clients in any field.